You will find here answers to commonly ask questions about Topogram

What is Topogram ?

Topogram is a web-based and open-source toolkit to represent and explore networks and relationships.

What is it used for ?

People use Topogram to understand organizations and arrangements of places, words, people and things.

For instance :

  • What does the French professional network of car manufacturers looks like ?
  • How does startup communities in Myanmar relates to the idea of sustainable development ?
  • What are the keywords that links volunteers of my organization together ?
  • etc.

How is it possible ?

Topogram relies on complementaries approaches :

  • Data Analysis : Topogram offers tools to create networks from large data sets (ex. conversations on social media, email lists, file transfers logs, etc.)
  • Exploration : The visualization interface allow to explore social, semantic and spatio-temporal aspects of the data with complex queries.
  • Investigation: All the graphs can be edited, annotated, augmented and shared within a team to produce solids representations of facts.

Why Topogram ?

It answers the growing need for interactive mapping of complex online and offline interactions. Also because you need to be able to make sense of a bunch of text data without hours of development. Finally, because you may want to own your research environment and still be able to use it in your web browser so you can share results and analysis process easily.

How does it work ?

See the How It Works section.

How can I start to use Topogram ?

Download and install Topogram on your own computer by following the instructions on the Github rep

Which technology does Topogram use ?

Topogram is written in Javascript and make use of different frameworks for real-time data manipulations and visualization, such as : Meteor JS, Cytoscape, d3.js or Leaflet.

Where does Topogram come from ?

Topogram is evolved from the phD research of Clément Renaud about Internet memes on the Chinese social network Sina Weibo. You can read the thesis for more background on the project.

How can I quote Topogram in my paper ?

For now, you can quote this conference paper using this Bibtex entry

Renaud, C. (2014). Meme observation and classification on a large corpus of tweets from Sina Weibo Memes on Sina Weibo. In *Chinese Internet Research Conference (CIRC14)* (pp. 1–9). HK.

How can I get in touch with you and/or contribute to Topogram ?

Talk to you soon !